We are delighted to share the memorable experience we had at the “Festival della Robotica” in Pisa, which took place from May 24th to 26th. This renowned event showcased the latest advancements and innovations in robotics, and Rehabilia was honored to participate.

Celebrating One Year of Innovation

This festival was particularly special for us as we celebrated Rehabilia’s first anniversary. Over the past year, we have been dedicated to pioneering advancements in healthcare technology. Our participation at the Fondazione Stella Maris booth underscored our commitment to excellence in neurological rehabilitation and research.

Showcasing the New PhiCube Prototype

A key highlight of the event was the presentation of our new PhiCube prototype. This cutting-edge device is poised to transform rehabilitation practices, featuring advanced capabilities that integrate smoothly with current medical systems to improve patient care. The positive feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders was immensely encouraging and reaffirmed the promise of PhiCube in the healthcare sector.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the visitors who engaged with us at the festival. Your enthusiasm, support, and valuable insights are what inspire us to continue our work in healthcare innovation. The constructive feedback received will be instrumental as we refine PhiCube and develop future projects.

Looking forward, we remain steadfast in our mission to enhance patient care through technological innovation. We are excited about the journey ahead and will keep you updated with our progress and new developments.

Thank you for being part of our fascinating journey.

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