We want to push the boundaries of rehabilitation innovation, delivering personalized, effective, and accessible solutions that empower individuals to thrive in their daily lives.


To empower individuals of all abilities to lead fulfilling lives through innovative and accessible rehabilitation solutions.

Our Story

Rehabilia Technologies was born out of our desire to bring our passion for technology to the service of people with disabilities, and in particular children.

After many years of experience in national and international research activities, we decided to apply the results of our research to the development of solutions that can have a significant impact on people’s health.

Rehabilia Technologies emerged as a spin-off of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), reflecting a seamless transition from research to innovation, in late May 2023. The company’s establishment followed a path of innovation and dedication to advancing the field of neuromotor rehabilitation.

Awards and recognitions

30,000€ prize by the Bio4Dreams incubator at Premio 2031.

Mentorship program Challenge Smart-Therapy in Rehabilitation by the Smart & Touch-ID HUB.

LBG Innovator’s Road Program, securing one of the ten coveted spots in 2022.

One of the ten European projects selected by the EIT Health MedTech BootCamp 2022.

InnovUp SUB2022 Special Award at the Meet In Italy For Life Sciences Startup Breeding 2022.

One of the 12 Top Medical Start-ups 2022 at Medica 2022.

25,000€ Social Impact Award at StartCup Lombardia 2022.

One of the top seven finalists within the 2023 EIT Health Wild Card program.

Finalist at the 2023 Switch2Product Innovation Challenge and participation to the Polihub’s S2P Acceleration Program 2023-2024.

The Team


Matteo Malosio

Co-Founder, CEO

PhD in Applied Mechanics; head of rehab robotics at CNR-STIIMA; leadership in national and international projects; research and industrial experience.

Matteo Lavit Nicora

Co-Founder, CTO

MD in Mechatronic Engineering; he’s completing PhD in Advanced Engineering Sciences, expert in control and software development of robotic system.

Giovanni Tauro

Co-Founder, CPO

MD in Design & Engineering; expert of human-centered and product design; he explores multidisciplinary approaches for product development.


Patient &
Family Advisor

Founders and President of FightTheStroke Foundation; disability advocate, community manager and public speaker; Senior MarCom and Public Affairs.


Medical Advisor

Child Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Professor at University of Pisa and Head of the Innovate Lab @ Fondazione Stella Maris, focusing on technologies for childhood rehabilitation.

Lodi Pasini

Clinical Advisor

Occupational therapist with experience in environmental modifications, for a holistic and inclusive approach; AITO ex-vice-president.


Clinical Advisor

Researcher at University of Pisa and IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris, Neuro and psychomotor therapist of developmental age, expert in the use of rehabilitation technologies for childhood.


Business Advisor

Founder and Managing Director of New Venture Scouting, is a seasoned business advisor specializing in nurturing the academic entrepreneurship ecosystem and supporting both national and international startups and spin-offs.

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