The play station for rehabilitation!

PhiCube is a robotic device for bilateral upper limb rehabilitation. Limbs coordination can be customized according to patient’s residual capabilities. Its modularity allows high flexibility of use. Portability and adaptability facilitate personalized rehabilitation training in telerehabilitation settings.




The cubic rehabilitation dimensions

PhiCube embraces the motor, cognitive and physiopsychological spheres of children, with multimedia feedback and multimodal signals, for improving the rehabilitation experience and optimizing the results of the therapy.

Designed for you

More than 30 configurations

PhiCube versatility addresses the needs of both upper limbs simultaneously, through a large set of monolateral and bilateral trainings. The robotic technology adapts to patient’s needs in a personalized way, addressing the varying abilities and needs of each limb in real-time.

Always with You

Telerehabilitation platform

The telehealth platform allows therapists to monitor and adjust the rehabilitation program remotely to favor intensity of use also out of the clinic, promoting treatment frequency and continuum of care.

Your Therapy, Your Game

Engaging gaming adventures

Engaging gamification elements transform therapy into an enjoyable and motivating experience. Rehabilitation feels like a stimulating and enjoyable gaming experience.

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